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Growing skincare use in children warned as dangerous

young girl using skincare on face
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The Association for Dermatologists has warned about the growing trend of children as young as eight using skincare products that could leave them with irreversible skin conditions.

Some children are asking their parents for luxury items after seeing them used by their favourite influencers on platforms such as You Tube and TikTok.

Many of these contain potentially harmful active ingredients intended for adults only, such as exfoliating acids, which can provoke allergies or eczema, and parents are worried about their child's interest in skincare, as well as the influence of social media and friends.

Paediatric dermatologist Dr Tess McPherson, who represents the British Association of Dermatologists, told BBC News that it is important children receive "information, not misinformation" about skincare. "A lot of these are anti-ageing products, they may be suitable for older skin - they are not suitable for children. They can cause irritation to skin, whatever age you are - but clearly, for younger skin, they can be potentially dangerous or problematic. For a child with eczema or sensitive skin, they could cause significant problems."

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