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Designer brand and biotech company print 3D skin for pigmentation research

Image from Shutterstock

Premium Beauty News reports that the research department of Chanel has teamed up with French technology company, LabSkin Creations, to use 3D bioprinting techniques to reconstruct human skin on which a dark spot can appear.

This project was designed to help the global designer beauty brand to better understand how pigmentation manifests on the skin and how best to treat it, taking into account the perceptions of ageing around this condition.

The Premium Beauty News article states: “According to Chanel, recent clinical studies demonstrated that dark spots increase perceived age by 3.7 years on average [1].”

It further states: “To better understand the biological mechanisms linked to pigmentation spots and improve the effectiveness of cosmetic products intended to prevent, attenuate or eliminate them, Chanel needed suitable biological supports, reproducing their complex structure within the skin matrix.”

Footnote: [1] In vivo test: evaluation perceived by 41 women from the photographed faces of 10 women aged 51 to 67 with lentigines and other signs of aging.

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