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Dermal fillers may impact immune system, finds study

New research shared at the BAAPS scientific conference reveals that hyaluronic acid has been found to block lymphatic channels.

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ASPS lists 2022’s most sought after procedures 

Some 26.2 million surgical and minimally invasive procedures were performed in the USA alone in 2022, according data from the ASPS.

Kid with eczema - MarishkaSm Shutterstock.jpg

Testing needed to identify two different forms of eczema

A Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology article reveals that children with atopic dermatitis should also be tested for allergic contact dermatitis.

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Neural signalling of skin sensory perception from topical treatments explained

A Stanford University study aims to quantify the mechanism whereby cutaneous mechanoreceptors and corresponding sensory neurons are activated by topical treatments.

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How to calculate botulinum toxin dilution

Aesthetic practitioner Dr Harry Singh has created a new app for injectors to calculate units of toxin.

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Pigment meters add security to laser treatments, says study

A new study hypothesised that a pigment meter could help laser operators provide the very best and safest settings for their patients.

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Aesthetic Medicine

Aesthetic Medicine produces market-leading exhibitions and conferences for the aesthetic medicine market. Our aim is to expand the market for aesthetic treatments. We do this by helping people working in the profession to become better business people and we are active in encouraging new people and businesses into the profession. 

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