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Filler workshop to showcase advancements in non-surgical penile enhancement

AQ Skin Solutions has recently introduced a range of dermal fillers to the South African market, providing a safe, non-surgical, and virtually painless option for penile augmentation. These fillers have been extensively researched and offer immediate and long-lasting results, potentially lasting up to two years or more. Clinical evidence suggests that injecting dermal fillers into the glans can help manage sensitivity and prolong sexual activity by reducing hypersensitivity.

Many men seek penile augmentation for personal satisfaction, provided it is achievable with minimal discomfort and risk. Medical reasons include impaired urinary function or fertility, while psychological reasons often involve issues such as anxiety or low self-esteem related to penis size.

Genetic or hormonal disorders, such as micropenis—defined as a stretched penile length of less than 3 inches—can interfere with urinary function, complicate sexual intercourse, and reduce semen deposition in the upper vagina. Additionally, certain health conditions, such as prostate surgery, can lead to penile shrinkage, resulting in a reduction of up to 2 inches in flaccid length, motivating men to seek enhancement.

How It Works

The procedure involves injecting the filler directly into the penile shaft. The filler integrates smoothly into the penile tissue within one to two weeks, providing a firm and natural result without lumps or bumps. For maintaining symmetry and enhancing sexual stimulation, filler injections can also be administered into the glans.


Penile enhancement with dermal fillers offers several clinical benefits, including:

• An increased penis girth with instant results

• Greater confidence and sexual stamina

• Enhanced penile sensation and sexual satisfaction for both partners

• Boosted self-esteem and improved relationship dynamics

• Shortened recovery time between erections

• Stronger, longer-lasting, and more satisfying erections

Safety and Regulation

The FDA-cleared 20mg fillers used by AQ Skin Solutions ensure safety and compliance with regulatory standards. Physicians must adhere to these guidelines to mitigate insurance and regulatory concerns associated with other dosages or densities. AQ Skin Solutions' commitment to the FDA-approved 20mg standard ensures both safety and efficacy.

Workshop details:

  • Date: 3 July 2024

  • Venue: Stellenbosch, WC

  • Time: 12h30–17h00

  • Price: R7 000.00

  • Trainer: Dr Chris Giezing

CPD Points: 5

This workshop is designed for healthcare providers with an MBChB degree and active HPCSA registration. Space is limited. The hands-on training session requires attendees to bring a model. Each participant will receive one 10 ml filler manufactured by AQ Skin Solutions (valued at R5,474.00).

To book your spot and learn more about future workshops, contact or visit


Dr Chris Giezing has distinguished himself as one of South Africa’s leading physicians in aesthetic medicine and a pioneer in the field. His body of work spans more than two decades in the pursuit of enhancing the lives of patients using treatments at the forefront of aesthetic medicine. A strong proponent of medical innovation, Dr Giezing has an insatiable passion for helping people feel comfortable in their skin through the least invasive techniques and treatments. Dr Giezing’s dream of helping people become the best versions of themselves came to fruition when he opened one of the first fully-fledged aesthetic clinics in South Africa in 2003. He has since expanded the clinic’s footprint to other parts of South Africa. Dr Chris’ framework for medical aesthetics and anti-ageing is based on a 3D facial, -body and -wellness model. His 3D facial approach entails the key pillars of beauty: shape, proportion, focal points and light reflection. Dr Giezing believes that optimised skincare must be the backbone of facial aesthetics and as such incorporates a variety of skin-enhancing procedures in his treatments (chemical peels, micro- needling, PRP, skin boosters, and thermo-mechanical applications.)

He is a firm believer in ploughing back the knowledge he has gained over the years, training the next generation of aesthetic practitioners through the independent Medskills Training Academy. Dr Giezing believes that aesthetic medicine should integrate art and medicine using this as a core principle.

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