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Is sustainable packaging a concern among aesthetic doctors?

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A new study suggests that aesthetic clinic owners could be doing more to address the sustainability issues around in-clinic skincare packaging.

Although 95% of 136 respondents in the survey* agreed that it would be great if all packaging was recyclable, only 22% had contacted their suppliers for more sustainable packaging, and of those, 13% had had no reply. That’s despite 74% of clinic owners believing that sustainability and environmental concerns would be important in marketing their business in the next five years.

The written responses to the survey, conducted among UK aesthetic clinic owners, were also interesting, with many comments highlighting the need for greater product packaging sustainability, despite the lack of actual action. One respondent said, “sustainability and the environment is just extremely important going forward,” while others noted that overly large outer boxes and plastic wrap were particular problem areas. Another standout was the comment, “there is no reason why sustainable packaging can’t be pretty”.

Perhaps understandably, the appearance of products for retail - for example, those that line a clinic’s walls to market them for at-home use to clients – is seen as a priority. However, those products used during in-clinic treatments, which patients do not tend to see, do offer an opportunity to prioritise sustainable packaging design.

This option could not only help improve an aesthetic clinic’s environmental impact but may also result in cost savings and waste reduction.

Clinic owners are therefore encouraged to analyse the packaging of the products they use in-clinic to see whether sustainability improvements can be made.

*For the full survey results, visit:

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