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Non-surgical rhinoplasty study introduces new assessment scale

A man pulling a women's nose

Researchers Dr. Ayad Harb, Dr. Amane Abdul-Razzak, and Dr. Shahd Twijiri have proposed the Nose Pliability Assessment Scale (NPAS) to assess nasal skin pliability and flexibility before filler injections to ensure patients are suitable candidates. The scale, which is to be conducted before non-surgical rhinoplasties, was introduced in a study published in the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology.

The assessment covers skin mobility, firmness, and thickness, and uses a ‘pinch test’ to judge the pliability of the soft tissue envelope, helping to ascertain the potential space between the soft tissue layers and the periosteum/perichondrium, where the dermal filler is injected. Pliability ratings are scored between 1-5, with a rating of 3-4 being an ideal candidate, and 1-2 signaling a higher risk of vascular and cosmetic complications.


Source: Oct 2023 issue pg 8 (UK PM)


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