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Skincare brand launches globally patented skin scanner

Danish medical skincare brand Beauté Pacifique has introduced the DermaValidator into the South African market.

This advanced skin diagnostic device is backed by the three decades of medical heritage associated with the development of the Beauté Pacifique brand.

Says Wayne La Grange of Beauté Pacifique Africa: “The DermaValidator is the world’s most advanced, patented dermal ultrasound scanning device. Some 2 million Ultrasound skin scans worldwide have informed the refinement of this device.

“The DermaValidator enhances the aesthetician’s ability to provide the correct advice and Beauté Pacifique treatment plan (based on a medically objective diagnostic ultrasound scan). This scanning service is supplied free for life to Beauté Pacifique medical aesthetic clinics worldwide.”

La Grange explains that the DermaValidator allows the aesthetician to see beneath the skin’s surface and provide the ultimate personalised diagnosis. “The aesthetician can measure the skin’s response to treatment over time graphically (in real time) in front of the guest at periodical skin reviews.”

He notes that the journey towards DermaValidator actually began way back in 1986, 11 years before Beauté Pacifique was founded. At that time, Beauté Pacifique's founder, Flemming K. Christensen, worked with the development of scanners for diagnosis and as a basis for the treatment of skin diseases, such as moles with changes and other skin tumours.

“When ultrasound, as in the DermaValidator, is intended specifically for skin examinations, the images are displayed with a rainbow-like colour scale, which makes the interpretation of the images easier. In the images, we get a cross-section of your skin, where we can see the epidermis, dermis and subcutis.

“DermaValidator scans reach a depth of 3-5 mm, which is perfect for displaying the entire thickness of the skin and we get to zoom in on the skin's inner and finest structures,” states La Grange. (Report by Joanna Sterkowicz)

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