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The five sustainable clinic swaps to make this plastic free July

Zero waste products
Source: @klenovaphoto Canva

It’s no secret that the aesthetics industry has a plastic problem, having been estimated to generate about 421,000 pounds of waste daily.

With 78% of consumers feeling that sustainability is important, introducing small yet tangible sustainable swaps, such as eliminating single-use plastic, re-evaluating your recycling processes or ditching disposables, not only benefit the planet, but could even open up an entirely new customer base to consumers looking for environmentally-conscious clinics.

Helping aesthetic professionals to make conscious choices within small, tangible steps, Katie Millington, owner of Love Beauty Gatleyand The Refillery, has shared her top sustainable switches ahead of Plastic Free July:

  1. Ditch the disposables

  2. Reduce your water 

  3. Go clean and green

  4. Say no to plastic

  5. Reduce, reuse, recycle 

Lesley Blair MBE, chief executive and chair of The British Association of Beauty Therapy and Cosmetology (BABTAC) says “The beauty industry in the UK makes a substantial contribution to the economy, but also needs to consider what it contributes to the waste and environmental crisis we’re facing. Whilst we’re far from being one of the main waste culprits by comparison to other industries, this shouldn’t deter all beauty professionals from taking a personal responsibility for making sustainable changes, however big or small,  to the way they work and committing to helping to protect our planet.”


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