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Trevor Steyn to illuminate the skin microbiome at Aesthetic Medicine Convention 2024

Trevor Steyn
Trevor Steyn

At this year’s Aesthetic Medicine Convention on 7-8 June, organic chemist and microbiologist, Dr Trevor Steyn will share his profound insights and research surrounding the skin microbiome and its pivotal role in maintaining radiant, youthful skin.


As the founder of Esse Skincare and a leading expert in the field, Steyn has dedicated his research to unravelling the mysteries of the skin microbiome and its profound impact on skin health and has pioneered product formulations that harness the power of the skin’s microbial ecosystem.


In 2010, he spearheaded the reformulation of Esse Skincare, integrating invaluable insights from the Human Microbiome Project, and in 2015, Esse Skincare launched its first live probiotic product. Since then, Steyn and his team continues to explore new species and strains of live biotherapeutics with a view to optimising skin health to reduce the rate of ageing.


Don’t miss the opportunity to gain valuable information from one of South Africa’s top authorities on skin microbiomes, secure your spot by visiting:

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