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Comparing rapid acoustic pulse rates in cellulite treatment

A leg with cellulite
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A study has been published exploring the efficacy and safety of a novel approach to cellulite treatment, known as acoustic subcision, by comparing two different rapid acoustic pulse rates. The research aims to determine whether a higher treatment rate could lead to more significant improvements in the appearance of cellulite.

Titled “Comparing safety and efficacy of acoustic subcision at two different rapid acoustic pulse rates to improve the appearance of cellulite,” the study was led by Dr Brian S Biesman, clinical assistant professor at Vanderbilt University Medical Center, who is a renowned expert in minimally invasive cosmetic and reconstructive eyelid and facial surgery. Findings were published in the official journal of the American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery. (ASLMS).

A total of 15 female participants received rapid acoustic pulse treatments on both their left and right buttocks and thighs. The treatment involved the use of either a 100 Hz or 50 Hz pulse rate, with the same number of pulses administered on each side. The outcomes of both the 100 Hz and 50 Hz treatments were evaluated through blind independent physician photo reviews, participant satisfaction ratings, and assessments of ‘cellulite dimple - at rest’ scores.

“Delivering rapid acoustic pulses at 100 Hz demonstrated safety and efficacy similar to that of 50 Hz,” notes Dr Biesman. “This led to substantial improvements in the appearance of cellulite with minimal discomfort, and high satisfaction was reported among participants. This study is significant as it showcases the potential for more efficient acoustic subcision treatments, maintaining both safety and efficacy.”

Source: Jan 2024 issue pg 7 (UK PM)

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