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How to calculate botulinum toxin dilution

Tridsanu Thopet/

UK-based aesthetic practitioner Dr Harry Singh has created a new app for injectors to work out units of toxin.

This calculation takes into account the brand being used and how much dilutant is used for reconstitution.

Dr Singh, who is the founder of the Botulinum Toxin Club training club, was prompted to create the app following a recent shortage of a specific brand of botulinum toxin. This shortage led to the club being inundated with messages from concerned practitioners, worried about using a brand they were not familiar with, as they didn’t want to compromise patients’ results.


The app aims to counteract any concerns about using a new toxin by implementing a dosages converter. All a practitioner needs to do is enter the brand and dilution of saline, and then let the app do the hard work.

New toxins will be added to the app with time, as they are released.

The app is available now, for free, on the Apple App Store and Google Play store.

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