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Radiant Healthcare unveils RotateRF technology for aesthetic enhancements in South Africa

Sculpt & Shape machine

Radiant Healthcare is soon to launch Sinclair’s Sculpt&Shape device for full body contouring and face rejuvenation. Featuring 360° tips RotateRF Technology, the device can effectively and evenly heat treatment areas, providing homogenous heating, facilitating the movement of the applicator, enhancing lymphatic drainage, and improving the displacement of the retained interstitial fluids.

Its different modes and tip applicators combined with real-time temperature and power control and safe touch technology ensure a comfortable experience for all skin types, targeting all skin layers as well as adipose tissue safely, with no downtime.

It is designed to target stubborn areas, redefining body contours by reducing adipose fat and cellulite and improving facial features by enhancing the jawline, lifting cheeks, reducing wrinkles, and refining skin tone and texture.   


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